Make Open Mic Night a Tradition

Have a great time at Blondie's Food and Spirits in Flint, MI

There's nothing better than coming together with friends, family and loved ones for a night of fun and celebration. Blondie's Food and Spirits hosts a wide range of events throughout the year. Whether you stop by for open mic night, live music or another event, you're bound to have a good time.

Don't miss out on the fun! Join us for our next local event in Flint, MI.

Events for everyone to enjoy

Events for everyone to enjoy

Hosting events helps us create a sense of community for all our guests. When you visit Blondie's Food and Spirits, you can...

  • Sing your heart out at an open mic night
  • Get to know your coworkers over some specialty drinks or craft beers
  • Listen to a local band with all of your friends

Interested in our upcoming events? Take a look at our online calendar for more information.